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Aloha can help.  We let you focus on building your core business and we will take care of the rest. Aloha will handle all your needs with regard to human resources, payroll and administrative employer and employee functions. Overwhelmed with Paperwork and constant employee questions about hours, pay and benefits? Aloha can help.

About Aloha Employee Leasing

Aloha Employee Leasing LLC (Aloha) is a registered professional employer organization (PEO) that provides a one-stop solution for companies looking to spend less time on administrative, human resources and payrolland tax reporting tasks and more time building value in their organization. Aloha has become anindustry leader due in part to its exceptional risk management, significant financial strength and solid commitment to customer service. Select from a wide range of Aloha products including full service employee leasing, payroll services, insurance and retirement options.

Company Profile

Every business in Hawaii, regardless of its size, industry or location, requires an extensive knowledge or familiarity with the administrative functions of being an employer such as wage and hour laws, payroll, tax reporting, fringe benefits, workers compensation reports, investigations and return to work procedures, unemployment report filings, hearings and appeals, medical insurance coverages and obligations, employer policies and manuals, OSHA and HIOSH rules, filings and worksite safety, risk management, employee file maintenance, eVerify and immigration documentation rules, governmental regulations, federal, state, and employment taxes and more. These very complex issues require a company to hire a team of skilled professionals (i.e. labor attorney, CPA, accountant, bookkeeper, insurance agent, safety consultants) at a very high cost, without even considering the cost to operate and grow your business.

When you join the Aloha Employee Leasing family, you hire a professional administrator who personally handles your affairs and is supported by a team of professionals to maintain,process and monitor all of these complex functions.Aloha has a professional staff of three (3) Human Resources Administrators, five (5) CPAs, two (2) financial planners, four (4) payroll specialists, four (4) MBAs, and an accounting and tax staff with over 150 years of combined experience.

Peter B. (Tad) Nottage Jr., the owner of Aloha Insurance Services, has joined forces with William L. Wong CPA, PFS and owner of William L. Wong CPA & Associates Inc., Hawaii Employee Leasing Professionals LLC, and Human Resources Administration of Hawaii Inc. to create Aloha Employee Leasing to provide comprehensive services to new and existing clients. With offices located statewide, the Aloha team has earned the reputation as a valuable partner in many industries where their professional services are handled with the highest degree of integrity.

Your call is answered with an urgency that demonstrates our appreciation for and dedication to your business.