Payroll Services

Aloha can streamline your payroll process to suit your business needs. Choose from a variety of service options including time management, payroll processing, integrated human resource support and assistance with W-2, 940, 941 and other tax filing forms.

Full service payroll solutions also available designed exclusively by Aloha.

Full service payroll solutions streamline your online reporting of labor hours, payroll, tax reporting and issuance of paychecks and direct deposits designed exclusively by Aloha Payroll Services.

Employees Will Benefit From:

  • Time management and online reporting of hours
  • Human resource administration and employee files
  • W-2, 940, 941, W-4, I-9, UC-B6, HW-2, W-3, HW-3 and much more
  • Calculate and pay withholding taxes
  • Track overtime, vacation, sick leave and family leave
  • Calculate and pay withholding taxes
  • Prepare and deliver pay checks
  • Maintain Employee Files

Human Resource Services

In today's complex business environment, keeping up with the pitfalls of employee related laws and regulations require a dedicated HR department from Aloha.

Aloha can provide you with:

  • A dedicated team of HR professionals
  • Pre-employment physicals and drug testing
  • Background checks and screening
  • A customized employee handbook
  • Online employee review and management
  • Training

Worker's Compensation

An extremely valuable service to the client business is the risk management provided by HRAH in the areas of workers compensation insurance and unemployment.

Aloha can provide you with:

  • Investigation of worker's compensation abuses and fraud
  • Hiring of private investigators
  • A Back to work policy
  • Management of workers compensation and unemployment claims

Insurance Management

Insurance helps you protect what matters most to your business. Select from a range of first rate insurance plans including life, health, property and commercial lines of insurance. Our vendors offer more than a century of insurance experience.

Our extensive insurance experience gives you first-class service and the peace of mind you deserve. Protect what matters most with reliable insurance plans available through Aloha and its affiliated companies.

Aloha can provide you with:

  • Workers compensation and TDI
  • Umbrella & Excess
  • Business General Liability
  • Group and individual health, vision, dental & life
  • Commercial Auto
  • Commercial Property

Safety and Risk Management

Our Director of Safety and Risk Management is dedicated to promoting the well-being of your employees and is available to assist in the aspects of keeping the job site a safe one.

Aloha can:

  • Prepare Customized Safety Manuals
  • Conduct Safety Meetings and Visit Job Sites
  • Conduct Safety Training
  • Compiles MSDS Sheets
  • Complete OSHA Logs and Reporting Requirements

Retirement Planning

Retirement Plans can help you secure your future with a dependable first class retirement plan. We offer a wide selection including investment plans, 401(K), simple IRA and deferred compensation plans. Let our licensed professionals guide you through the process and assist you in selecting the best plan to fit your unique business needs.

Secure your future with a range of retirement options offered by Aloha preferred vendors.

Aloha can assist with:

  • Setting up an optional customized 401(k) profit sharing plan for a fee plus applicable set up charges by the vendor.
  • Investment Plans
  • 401(k) plans
  • IRA's
  • Deferred Compensation plans